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As it has become tradition, the Stereophonic XIII team has collected songs from some of the artists appearing at the festival this month to prepare you for what’s to come. You can download all 18 songs from the featured artists in MP3 form here. Act quick since the download will disappear once the festival finishes and Stereophonic is packed away until next year!


1) “Champs” – Mauno


2) “Vancouver” – Devarrow


3) “Suitcase” – Faux Cults


4) “O, My Heart Is Full” – LUKA


5) “Ellen Page” – Partner


6) “Ice Sculpture” – Marine Dreams*


7) “Champagne Birthday” – Cupcake Ductape


8) “The Future” – Towanda


9) “Afterglow” – Pat LePoidevin


10) “The Roof” – Dark for Dark


11) “I’m Bored” – Kappa Chow*


12) “Tapes” – The Weather Station


13) “Under a Dumb Moon” – Steven Lambke


14) “Lowest Hanging Fruit” – Sorrey


15) “By My Side” – Alanna Gurr & The Greatest State


16) “MotorCYCLEmix” – Beef Boys*


17) “My Friend” – Esther Grey


18) “The Pharoah” – Jonny and the Cowabungas


(* denotes unreleased track)

A Quick Update From The Stereophonic Team

Hi there! We’ve been a little quiet of late, but rest assured we’ve been hard at work. As we get closer to the festival we have some info that we’re excited to share with all of you.

First, we recently hired an Assistant-Coordinator with the festival. He’s been hard at work for about a month at this point, but it is with great pleasure that we officially welcome Mike Roy to the Stereophonic 12 staff! Mike is a 3rd year Mount Allison student and CanCon fan of the highest order. You’ll be seeing him hard at work this coming January at venues all over Sackville.

Secondly, we have finalized the line up *knocks on nearest wooden surface* and will be announcing it at the end of the month with a three date line up announcement tour. The tour starts in Sackville on Thursday, November 27 at Struts Gallery and will feature music by Sackville’s own Weird Lines as well as Walrus and Impulse Items. The following day, November 28, we’ll be hitting the road for Halifax with a show at the Khyber featuring Nap Eyes, Weird Lines and JFM. This show will be co-presented by the good people of CKDU 88.1FM. The final stop on the tour will take place in Moncton, N.B. on November 29 at Spin-It Records. That show will see Kappa Chow, The Mouthbreathers and Impulse Items play. All stops on the tour will feature a presentation of the line up announcement video.

Last, but not least, and as you may have already noticed, we have a new website! If you are seeking out info on Stereophonic, or are looking to contact us about anything, this site has everything you’ll need. Plus there’s that neat-o countdown clock on the home page!

Thanks for continuing to support and take an interest in Stereophonic! It’s going to be a great edition of the festival!